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WifeFilesConfidential LogoTheWifeFiles.com was created to provide an outlet through which wives and soon-to-be-wives can connect and share their wisdom, thoughts, and insight about marriage.  We truly hope this site will be every wife’s go-to source for support, inspiration, and encouragement, and we’re working hard to establish this site as the #1 online community for wives.

By creating opportunities to facilitate discussion around the complex issues and experiences of married life and everything that comes with the process of staying married (yes…there is a process to this thing), theWifeFiles.com aims to bridge the gap between the act of becoming a wife (i.e. reciting your vows during the wedding ceremony) and the process of staying a wife (i.e. living-out your vows in everyday life as your marriage unfolds in real-time). This blog will address everything about marriage from a wife’s perspective–no topic will be off-limits!

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