Leverage Your Power in Your Marriage With “The WifeCode”

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dreamstime_xxl_92590388Hey, Wives!  Let’s be honest.  We all want to have stronger, more successful marriages.  I’ll even go so far as to say that we want stronger, successful marriages just as much as we want to be better, stronger, more powerful wives.  But somewhere in between accepting the marriage proposal and saying, “I Do,” we begin to succumb to the pressures associated with projecting the “ideal” image of what it means to be a good wife.

This is a particularly dangerous space for us wives to wander into because we’re simply ill-equipped to navigate this space of uncertainty through to the other side—especially if we lack strong images and examples of what strong, successful marriages look like in our everyday lives.

If we’re not careful to guard our thoughts and manage our emotions as we navigate this space, we’ll struggle to strike a healthy, constructive balance between how to manage those outside expectations around how we should conduct ourselves in our marriages and remaining authentic to our unique truths as we live through the process of marriage.

Yes…marriage IS a process, and becoming a wife is the easy part of it.  Staying a wife is the hard part; which is why we need to have a more in-depth conversation about some principles that, if allowed to guide how we conduct ourselves in our marriages, will help us to connect with our husbands on a deeper, more meaningful level.

These principles, which I’ve dubbed The WifeCode, is simply a compilation of thoughts and observations about how wives lose their leverage in their marriages when they’re unsure of how to manage the issues that we all experience.  The WifeCode will address different areas where wives tend to stumble and sometimes fall under the immense pressure of trying to be everything to everyone EXCEPT to the one that matters the most—our husband!

These principles will help wives to better understanding different aspects about what it takes to manage the process of staying married, and, if applied, can strengthen the foundation on which marriages are built—if we’re willing to be open, honest, and transparent enough with ourselves to allow ourselves to see how and where we fall short as wives.

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